• 1:1 Technology for All Students: All students in the District have access to their own Chromebook for learning purposes throughout the school day.
  • Technology Instruction in the Classrooms: Technology as a learning tool will continue to be integrated into all content areas. In addition, all students will receive instruction in keyboarding and using G-Suite tools.
  • Professional Development for Teachers/Staff: Ongoing professional development is provided to all teachers and staff relative to instructional technology and student learning.
  • Technology Coaching and Support for Teachers/Staff: Internal personnel will provide ongoing coaching and support for teachers and staff with respect to instructional technology in the classroom.
  • Technology Infrastructure Improvements: All wireless access points have been upgraded, and additional wireless access points were added where needed.
  • Technological Repairs: Processes for timely troubleshooting and repairs related to technology hardware and software have been implemented to ensure continuous operations and positive experiences for teachers, staff, and students.